Boring Solutions

Accurate and cost effective, Parlec’s Boring Solutions Provide .0001" (.002mm) adjustment precision for a variety of bores along with advanced adjustable twin bore roughing systems. Precision modular component design allows for reduced inventory and stock delivery while ISO/ANSI inserts reduce production costs.



Rough & Finish Boring

Component Component Catalog Page
1 Modular Shank Machine tool taper and projection requirement Page 8-11
1A Retention Knob Machine tool specific Toolholder Catalog
2A Extension Used to extend the reach of a boring assembly Page 12
2B Reduction Used to extend the length to diameter ratio when reach and not clearance is the issue Page 12
3 Twin Rough Boring Head Select when metal removal is the goal and bore tolerance is larger. Setting on a presetter will provide accurate bore but adjustment for insert wear is not easily done at the machine. Page 16
3 Precision Finish Head Select when much less material removal is required, such as after roughing, and precision and ease of adjustment are the main critical requirement. Page 26-27
4 Twin Bore Insert Holder (pair) Select by bore configuration and size. Page 15
4 Precision Finish Insert Holder Select by bore size, use size 1 for maximum bar rigidity Page 27
5 Inserts Select based on geometry of insert holder, material of bore and radius Page 38-44